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  • Lectures on Matrix and Graph Methods

    Lectures on Matrix and Graph Methods Lectures on Matrix and Graph Methods portrays selected lectures delivered by leading Mathematicians and Statisticians in the International Workshop on Combinatorial Matrix Theory and Generalized Inverses of Matrices organized by Department of Statistics, Manipal University, Manipal, India, during January 2-7, 2012. This book covers the topics even beyond the traditional applications of matrix theory and spectral theory of graphs. Graph Theoretic Applications to Computing the Nucleolus of an Assignment Game by T E S Raghavan and Introduction to Yantra Magic Squares and Agrippa-type Magic Matrices by G P H Styan et al. are among those topics. Also, an interview with S K Mitra in 1993 by G P H Styan and Simo Puntanen is presented here.

    Ravindra B Bapat, Steve Kirkland, K Manjunatha Prasad, Simo Puntanen Ravindra B Bapat is at the Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi Centre. His main areas of interest are combinatorial matrix theory, matrices and graphs, and generalized inverses. He is a Fellow of the Indian Academy of Sciences, Indian National Science Academy and a J C Bose Fellow. He served as the President of the Indian Mathematical Society during 2007-2008. Steve Kirkland is a Stokes Professor at the National University of Ireland Maynooth. His research interests include non-negative matrix theory, spectral graph theory, and combinatorial matrix theory. He is currently the Editor-in-chief of the journal ?Linear and Multilinear Algebra?, and the President of the International Linear Algebra Society. K Manjunatha Prasad earned his PhD from Indian Statistical Institute. Currently, he is a Professor of Mathematics at Department of Statistics, Manipal University, Manipal. His research interests are matrix theory, generalized inverse, ring theory and projective modules. Simo Puntanen earned his PhD in statistics from the University of Tampere (Finland) in 1987, where he is presently a Lecturer.

  • Talat Mahmood – The Velvet Voice

    Talat Mahmood was one of the most important and significant singers of the golden era of Hindi film music. His songs are recalled by music lovers, generation after generation. The quality of his voice and the richness of his expression made him a great singer both in cinema and outside it. His melodies are a precious part of any music connoisseur’s repository and for several people around the world his is the most moving and soul-stirring voice ever. It’s a little known fact that as much as a third of his work is non-film recordings, which consists of several songs of absolutely stunning and magical melodies to touch the listener’s heart. There has never been someone quite like Talat till today and it is to his credit that he sang his songs softly and left deep impressions on our psyche. Because Talat Mahmood was handsome, he also acted in a few films, being cast opposite many beautiful ladies of the time, including Nutan, Suraiya, Nadira, Mala Sinha, Shyama et al. However, it is not as an actor but as a singer that he will be remembered. Inside the present work, tributes from his son and daughter find space. This is a focused effort to look at the life and times of this amazing singing-actor, seen from the perspective of many music lovers who either knew him or understood his music. His entire repertoire of songs is tabulated and can be readily referenced. Plus there is a great deal of trivia related to the films in which his songs were featured. This is one book on the gentleman singer in which the readers or music lovers will find everything they always wanted to know about Talat, presented in a fun-to-read way, while continuing to fulfill its task of being an exhaustive work of reference.