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About Manipal Universal Press

It is not so much about the size or scale, it is about the choice. The conviction which allows you to think innovatively and look beyond the structures of corporate publishing, to embrace publishing as a social and cultural practice and publishing books that need to be read. 

Amidst the university-town of Manipal – a cosmo polis of students and scholars, surrounded by the bustling campus life of MAHE, you are sure to find a close-knit team of most cooperative professionals, who combine the intellectual rigour of their academic environment and the multi-tasking skills of an innovative workplace to channel the creative voice of writers from all walks of life. 

As a constituent of Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) Trust, the publishing program at Manipal Universal Press (MUP) strives to strengthen and serve the academic community, contributing to MAHE’s objective of excellence in global scholarship. The Academic Division of MUP includes publishing in disciplines ranging from Engineering, Medicine, Management, Education, Humanities and Social Sciences to journals which incorporate exemplary research in Medicine and Health Sciences. 

At MUP, we understand that creativity permeates and shapes all aspects of life, and Literature must bring to us an awareness of the ordinary. While the spirit of educational excellence informs us, we cut across our academic publishing spectrum to accommodate the reading needs of the public. MUP’s range of publications also include a variety of novels, short story collections, poems, memoirs, and others. With our love for the written word, we extend the rigour of academic research to the production of Literature for the public.  

As much as we seek to disseminate knowledge in a cost-effective manner, it is precisely our mission to make publishing accessible and possible for writers, regardless of their backgrounds. Thereby, we not only champion the voices of renowned contemporary thinkers, but also make public the voice of common people. We have appointed ourselves the task to seek out and bring the voice of the unheard to the fore. The MUP series on Indian Literature in Translation embodies our efforts to preserve and convey the indigenous elements specific to diverse linguistic communities of the Indian subcontinent. 

Amongst MAHE’s many global engagements, MUP represents an effort to promote Indian scholarship and writing. As a publishing initiative which started in 2011 with a small team of four members, we have grown into a talented team of professionals from diverse backgrounds, and made our mark on the Indian publishing scene. MUP remains committed to continuous developments of its publication ventures, and aspires to be an interface where artistic inspiration meets readers’ search for meaning. 

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