Cases in Brand Management and Services Marketing


This book intends to connect concepts in Brand Management and Services Marketing, through the pedagogy of case method of teaching. The 15 cases, which rigorously followed a symptom-problem- alternatives-solution, frame work are written on the several managerial dilemmas and situations faced by organizational managers, pertaining to areas of Brand Management and Services Marketing; and can be broadly categorized under consumer products and service products. Under consumer products, it covers products such as ? furnishing, personal care, kitchen products, wellness products, food products, magazines, etc. and under service products it includes industries such as ? hospitals, hotels, airline ticketing, banks, event and e-commerce. All the cases focus on situations experienced in brand building, nurturing, and management. The pastures focused in the brand management cases are product development, positioning, segment identification, advertising, costing and pricing products, brand extension, brand equity, brand valuation, etc. and those focused on Services Marketing include: services delivery, process management, service quality, ambience and technology management, customer satisfaction, complaint management, etc. The cases are meant to strengthen the problem identification and problem solving skills of the present and future managers in the two areas.