Transformation Beyond Sight


Transformation Beyond Sight is a gripping narrative of the author?s experience in the hospital administration of Kasturba Hospital (KH), Manipal. As an experiential account, the present book provides insights into the thoughts, concerns, and apprehensions of prospective hospital administrators, and spotlights the vital role played by a hospital administrator in the day-to-day operations of KH, which is also an advanced healthcare facility.This book draws attention to the transformational quality of the author?s experiences to emphasize that the evolution in leadership and management of the teaching hospital went hand-in-hand with the transformation of the author?s administrative skills, and his own persona as a diligent administrator. The biographical undertone also provides an insight into the complex and dynamic healthcare environment, alongside the competencies, creativity, and mindfulness necessary for an administrator. This book narrates a hospital administrator?s engagements with the traditional processes and his attempts to bring about effective changes in the management and monitoring of operations of KH and the overall management of a healthcare facility.