• Childhood Cancer

    Childhood Cancer is a major medical problem in most of the societies of the modern world. Though enough literature is available on the subject, it is not easily intelligible to common people. An ordinary parent whose ward is affected by any form of childhood cancer would beat a loss without the basic information. This book is aimed at educating a non-professional who wishes to grasp the problem in detail and in a simple way. The book primarily deals with the signs and symptoms of cancer in children which enable early detection. It is written in a lucid manner to remove the myth among parents that diagnosis of cancer in children amounts to a death sentence. Many of the childhood cancers, if detected early, can be cured completely, and the patients can live the rest of their lives like any other normal people. The book is an attempt to create this awareness among parents through proper information about the disease. Further, the book would also serve as a manual for MBBS students and professionals in other fields for primary treatment and management of the childhood cancer patients.