Searching in the Backyard: Kunabi Child Care From an Ethnopaediatric Perspective


This work on ethnopaediatrics is a thick description and a critical analysis of the plural mix of child health care that exists among the Kunabi tribe, a marginalized tribal population in the forests of Western Karnataka. It points out the gaps that exist between modern health providers and the indigenous people. It shows how these gaps could be resolved if bottom-up ethnopaediatric approach is adopted. The volume will be beneficial to planners, policy makers, and modern health care providers who are involved in reproductive and child health programs in India. Ambuja Kowlgi is an anthropologist by profession and acclaimed as one of the best ethnographic fieldworker in her alma mater. She is a freelance consultant in anthropological analysis, translations, and editing. She has published articles in national and international journals. C G Hussain Khan is UGC Emeritus Fellow at the Department of Anthropology, Karnatak University and member of the National Advisory Committee, Anthropological Survey of India. He has served as ? Coordinator, International Diploma in Reproductive Health Management, Karnatak University Dharwad; Chairman, Anthropology Department, Karnatak University; Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences; and member, UGC Curriculum Development Committee (Anthropology). He has worked on WHO projects and, published books and articles in national and international journals.