Reimagining Border in
Cross-border Education


Universities are inherently and definitionally universal in their quest for the creation and dissemination of knowledge. They are set to defy borders that exist in parochial forms. Globalization which opened up borders has by design or default created inequalities and imbalances in knowledge systems. Undoubtedly, knowledge is power but the difference in the power that is intrinsic to it and the power that is ascribed which is determined by dominant political and economic hierarchies.<br><br>If knowledge predominantly flows from global north to global south, people seeking knowledge move from global south to global north. These imbalances are also seen within these regions, between cultures and communities, one claiming superiority over the other. These realities call for a reassessment of not only what constitutes knowledge, but also what encompasses the idea of borders. Through this book, we wish to see more elaboration on the inclusive role of education that can act as an equalizer or as a catalyst for creating a level playing field across borders.