Mutualistic Interaction between Flowering Plants and Animals


The plant-animal interactions, both mutualistic and antagonistic, play a crucial role in the diversification of plants and animals, and are important in functioning of communities in their natural habitats. The mutual interactions between the flowering plants and the animals, in pollination and seed dispersal, largely determine the reproductive success of the flowering plants. Maintenance of these eco-services is critical for the sustainability of our biodiversity. India, with its rich biodiversity and leveling of crop yields in recent years would benefit from research in the area of plant-animal interactions. This volume includes chapters on various aspects of mutualistic plant-animal interactions. In particular the fundamental and applied aspects of ecoservices – pollination and seed dispersal are covered comprehensively. It also covers tritrophic interaction and the potential of genomics in studies on the plant-animal interactions. The book will be of interest to post-graduate students, teachers and researchers in the areas of Biology, Ecology, Botany,
Zoology, Agri-horticulture, Forestry, and Conservation Biology.

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