Linear Algebra with Applications


Linear Algebra with Applications portrays selected articles published earlier by Prof Ravindra B Bapat in various reputed journals. This volume published in honour of Prof Bapat, on the occasion of his 60th birthday, consists of his original research articles written in the area of (i) Permanent, Determinant and their applications, (ii) Non-negative Matrices, (iii) Matrix Methods in Statistics and Graph theory, and (iv) Generalized Inverses of a Matrix. Starting with an article A Generalization of a Theorem of Ky Fan on Simplicial Maps, his first article published in 1980, several articles probing the properties of permanent and determinant, characterization of generalized inverses, spectral properties of graphs, and applications of matrix methods in statistics are compiled in this volume. The articles selected in this book will certainly inspire the young linear algebraists and provide several matrix techniques to solve different problems in the area of applied linear algebra.