Hitting The Right Notes?Hindi Cinema?s Golden Music


Hitting The Right Notes is a collection of stories that explores the great music that was once made in Hindi cinema, the musicians who made it happen, the instruments that were part of the narrative, and hundreds of associated ideas that confluenced to make it happen. In these pages there are essays on parallel harmony and counter-melody, as also on songs that end on a high pitch, and why they are made to do so. There are articles that attempt to demystify ghazals, with plenty of examples from our cinema. Other stories tell us about rhythmless songs the west calls senza misura, as also the significance behind background songs, with examples again. All such fascinating subjects are offered in a page-turning, reader-friendly way, and needless to say, the other, simpler subjects are also treated in the same absorbing fashion. Instances of such subjects would be songs featuring the horse-trot beats, the music of OP Nayyar and SD Burman, actresses playing the piano, the presence of the dance form called Laavni, and so on. All these stories are sparked by the myriad facets of our wonderful music, and many have not been offered earlier in any way, anywhere.