Panchmal Dinanath Shenoy (P D Shenoy), an IAS officer of the 1967 Karnataka cadre is an economist, a turnaround specialist, and a man of many hats. He has held important positions in the Government of India and the Government of Karnataka, such as the CEO of the Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation, the Chief Labour Commissioner, and the Labour Secretary of the Government of India. He has also been the Principal Negotiator on behalf of the Government of India and has been pivotal in the successful creation of the Bodoland Territorial Council under the sixth schedule of the Constitution. A recipient of many awards including the President’s Silver Medal and the Chief Minister’s Gold Medal for Family Welfare, he has authored several books, including Bipartite Approaches Towards Industrial Peace, Turn Around Strategies, Strikes – How to Avoid Them, Globalization: Its Impact on Industrial Relations in India, Medical Negligence: What Doctors, Patients and Hospitals Should Know – First Edition and has co-authored the book Banking Services and Customer Protection with T Y Prabhu.

    What doctors, patients, and hospitals should know

    The title Medical Negligence is sufficient to illustrate the contents of the book which helps retain knowledge and information about the field of Medicine and Health Science. The author gives an introductory note on several important medical specialities, with relevant case laws in, as many as, 37 chapters which are categorized into five sections. The book covers several important subjects such as the doctor-patient relationship, salient features of the Consumer Protection Act, the concept of medical negligence – civil and criminal, the importance of valid informed consent and the principle of res ipsa loquitur, etc. The chapters on almost every branch of Medicine and Surgery contain a wealth of up-to-date information on the current scientific understanding of the subject, which intends to present medical malpractice in the larger context of the admirable advances in medicine and which have made life much safer and better in the last few decades. The book contains detailed guidelines for doctors, patients, and hospitals in three different chapters with a concluding chapter on Medical Insurance. The book is written in a lucid style that can be understood not only by physicians and lawyers but also by the public.

  • Lamp Light in the Sun

    A witty and fascinating account of the life of a civil servant, this book is a candid memoir of a life well-lived and a career well-accomplished. The career of Dr P D Shenoy, an IAS officer of the 1967 Karnataka cadre, spans some of the most interesting and significant periods in the Indian political scenario. Thus, this book is an observation of individuals, events and administrative affairs of changing times and politics. Along with narratives on family and friends, humorous anecdotes on famous personalities mingle with matters of bureaucracy in this book. In the end, this is also the story of small-town dreams, of aspirations and desires.