• Quality in Pharmaceutical Education, Research and Practice (vision 2020)

    The book discusses the topics related to quality in education and research. It begins with a topic on Good Science, Education, and Teaching. Next chapter on Total Quality Management in pharmacy education highlights the importance of quality pharmacy education. There are focused chapters emphasizing the importance of quality education in pharmaceutics, medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutical biotechnology, pharmaceutical services, and pharmacognosy. The book includes a brief note on scope and potential in pharmacovigilance and quality of pharmaceutical sciences journals.

  • Pharmaceutical Marketing Management

    The book begins with a brief overview of Indian and Global Pharmaceutical Market. It discusses unconventional topics related to pharmaceutical marketing. Most of the chapters like Segmentation, Promotional Mix, Consumer Behaviour and Pricing etc, explain the basic concepts with an emphasis on the Phrama perspective. Chapters are updated with recent developments in those fields. Clinical Research has always been under scan, the chapter on clinical research covers the latest amendments and discusses the future trends. Chapter Cosmeceutical gives an overview of Cosmeceutical market scenario and the growth drivers. The book includes a brief note on Ethics.

  • Exploring Nanotechnology in Healthcare

    Exploring Nanotechnology in Healthcare is a reference book written with a view to providing a comprehensive understanding of various facets of nanotechnology in healthcare. Spread over fifteen chapters, this book gives a clear overview of various nano products in diagnosis and therapy, methods used in their preparation as well as various frontiers of application. This book may be considered unique in incorporating aspects of nano chemistry and characterization methods for documentation of new behaviour exhibited by matter at these dimensions, their influence on environment, toxicity aspects, impact on the Indian economy and global initiatives in regulating nanotechnology based products.

  • Pharmaceutical Technology Handbook

    The pharmaceutical industry is growing both in terms of volume and diversity of new products. As years pass by, new technology both for manufacture and quality control is being introduced. It is essential to maintain a competitive edge concerning quality, cost, compliance, and prompt deliveries. The fresh graduates are lacking knowledge about the ongoings of industry and there is a gap between academic education and industry expectations from pharma graduates. This comprehensive updated Pharmaceutical Technology Handbook helps in reducing the gap in understanding technology, modern pharma equipment, and plant design to some extent. Divided into six sections, the articles presented in this book, in one way or another, touch all aspects of succeeding in a competitive situation. The highlight of this book is its focus on the layout for various manufacturing sections, each prepared by expert architects/consultants. The authors are conversant with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines and have been instrumental in delivering manufacturing units of global standards approved by various approving agencies.