Tilo’s Troops- Handiwork of a Primatologist in Vietnam


In 1993, Tilo Nadler, an ageing German welder turned air-conditioning engineer, photographer, filmmaker and self-made biologist arrived in Vietnam for training foresters in Cuc Phuong National Park to secure the Park from poachers, hunters and vandals. Within two months, he is tasked with the care of two confiscated sub adult male Delacour?s langurs, a rare, endemic and critically endangered primate species. This book narrates Tilo?s story to start-up a world class rehabilitation centre for endangered primates against all odds in Vietnam. This book celebrates two possibilities. First, endangered primates are given a new lease of life at Endangered Primates Rescue Centre (EPRC) after their rescue from sordid conditions and joined-up with other survivors in captivity before their final release into appropriate habitat to establish troops. Second, the raising of troops or foot soldiers groomed by Tilo in the art and science of primate rehabilitation. Tilo?s abiding passion is to make both his troops gain a foothold in Vietnam.