The Word in the World: Essays and Lectures on Indian Literature and Aesthetics by H S Shiva Prakash


The Word in the World is a collection of essays and lectures by Prof H S Shivaprakash, a well-known poet, playwright, and translator. Edited by Dr Kamalakar Bhat, this book brings together Prof Shivaprakash?s interventions in the realm of issues that are entwined with the continuities and discontinuities in the cultural negotiations of India. Distinctively, these are essays on subjects ranging from the nature and significance of medieval works of literature in India to issues arising out of developments in Indian aesthetics.

The unfeigned magnitude of this work must be found among students and scholars, who will gain from it a perspective significantly different from the ones available in the prevailing academic discourses, thus indicating a way beyond poststructuralist/postmodernist frameworks. This is a book that will interest a wide variety of readers with its engaging insights and breadth of reference especially because it is written in an easily comprehensible style.