SuperHeavy Elements

Today, we live in a time when natural elements, even the ones which are not found in Nature can be made artificially. Making chemical elements: a dream of mankind has come true. SuperHeavy Elements (SHE), much heavier than those in Nature, have recently been created and is the subject of this book. The author, an insider of SHE research, led the German group which discovered the first series of SHE created by cold fusion. The book takes you through the journey of discovering a new element and the historical development of the field. Besides picturing the author?s personal experiences, the book addresses the physics of the creation of the chemical elements in the universe and the artificial synthesis of SHE in the laboratory. This book is written for a broad readership to allow the readers to participate in the fascination and excitement of discovering a new SHE. The book is also educational as it includes basic physics and new developments of SHE research, besides the historical aspects of it. For those readers who are interested in more details of SHE research, a bibliography including popular scientific articles as well as original papers are introduced in the book.