Administrative and Social History of Mysore under the Wodeyars, 1600-1800 CE


In Administrative and Social History of Mysore Under the Wodeyars (1600-1800 CE), Prof D S Achuta Rao presents an engaging account of the period. Believed to be the lineal descendants of the Vijayanagara, the kings of Mysore were described as ruling the earth seated on the jeweled throne of Karnataka. Tracing the earliest descent of Raja Wodeyar, the first remarkable ruler of the dynasty till the mid-1900, the book vividly draws before us a portrait of the political, military, law, social, religious, education, art and culture, and administrative construct of two centuries of the Wodeyar rule in Mysore. Capturing the significant features of the governance of the day, the book is a detailed and masterful telling of this phase in the history of Mysore, Karnataka, India. Scholarly and impressive, the book is a formidable achievement in terms of coverage and content.