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Dr Shivani V

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ISBN 978-93-82460-70-1
Type Printed
Pages 132
Category Translations, Reference Books, All Books, Printed Book
Publisher MUP Book

Kaumudī (water lily) is the primer to study Sanskrit grammar, yet an ardent reader might find it a maze to untangle from its complexities. There is a need of Kaumudī (moonlight) to blossom it and show the light to reach its core. Kārakārtha-prabodhinī is such an attempt. Kāraka, a factor that determines the relation between verb and the constituent words of a sentence, enables the reader to understand the intent of the sentence and thus critical discourses too. The Sanskrit grammatical texts and discourses have elaborated on the subtleties of Kāraka. Due to its profundity, there was a need for a lucid writing for the scholars and students for easy comprehension, which can be a reference book. Dr Potti made this possible for the Malayalam readers. Dr Shivani presents it for the Sanskrit fraternity too, with an introduction by Dr Varakhedi. Shivani V is presently an Associate Professor at the Karnataka Samskrit University (KSU), Bengaluru and the Editor of the Karnataka Samskrita Adhyayanam – Vidvat Patrika, a Research Journal of the KSU. She pursued her doctoral research on “A Computational Model for Linguistic Study of Sanskrit” followed by the Masters on the Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Sanskrit Vyākaraṇa. Erstwhile, she served as a Deputy Director in the CIF Shodha Sansthan, Kerala and also as a guest faculty member at the Department of Sanskrit Studies, University of Hyderabad, as well as at the Department of Śābdabodha and Language Technology, Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapitha, Tirupati. She also has authored a book titled Key to Karaka and has several journal articles and conference proceedings to her credit. She has been leading several projects funded by the national agencies. She is guiding a couple of PhD scholars and developing innovation technology in Pali language, which is one of its kind.


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