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Table of Contents


Political Engagements

  • Constructive Engagement in Times of Strategic
    Confusion: Mapping India-EU Relations
    Priya Vijaykumar Poojary
  • EU Trade Policies in Times of Global Protectionism:
    The Case of EU and India
    Kurt Hübner
  • Ready for a Breakthrough: Prospects of India-EU
    Maritime Cooperation
    Ankita Dutta
  • India-EU Cooperation on Climate Change:
    Converging or Diverging Interests?
    Alyssa Martins
  • Data Protection and Regulation: New Avenues forIndia-EU Cooperation
    Arundhati MA
  • Towards Sustainable Connectivity: India-EU
    Cooperation in Sustainable Development Goals
    Sushmita Roy
  • India-EU Cooperation in Commercial Aircraft
    Aayush Mohanty and Yatharth Kachiar


Educational Engagments

  • Knowledge Diplomacy in Action: Delineating
    Educational Connect in India-EU Engagements
    Neeta Inamdar and Medini Hegde
  • Role of IHE in Knowledge Diplomacy: Challenges
    to Building Bridges between Universities in India and
    Pranjali Kirloskar and Neeta Inamdar
  • Exploring the Potential of India-EU Cooperation in
    Education: Erasmus+ and More
    Eeshani Kochhar
  • Cultural Diplomacy and the Dynamics of Cultural
    Institutes in India and Europe
    Amrutha Yathish
  • India-EU Relations and the National Education
    Policy 2020: Internationalization at home
    Chetan Singai and Rajashree K
  • The Ripple Effects of the EU Science Diplomacy
    towards India
    Zane Šime
  • On Crossing Borders and Climbing the Ladder:
    Universities and their Struggle for Existence
    Pushkarni Panchamukhi

Cultural Engagments

  • Challenges of Familiarity: Nuances of Perceptions in
    India-Europe Cultural Engagements
    Praveen Shetty
  • Europe, Christendom and its Encounter in India:
    The Missionary Experiences in Karnataka
    Sharal T Correa and Denis Fernandes
  • Portuguese Citizenship to Goans and the Postcolonial
    Predicament in the Goan Response
    Chloe Charlene Fernandes
  • Shared Ties, Lasting Legacies: Cultural and Heritage
    Diplomacy and India-EU Relations
    Inayat Naomi Ramdas
  • Strengthening the India-EU Migration Corridor:
    The Way Forward
    Divya Balan

Infographic: India-EU Relations
Alyssa Martins and Chloe Charlene Fernandes

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