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Internationalization of Higher Education: The Dynamics of Educational Ecology

Internationalization of Higher Education: The Dynamics of Educational Ecology

Internationalization of Higher Education: The Dynamics of Educational Ecology

H Vinod Bhat and Neeta Inamdar

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ISBN 9789382460954
Type Printed
Pages 200
Category Reference Books, All Books, Subscription
Publisher Manipal Universal Press

Mobilities of scholars seeking knowledge has been a part of the university ideal for centuries. History holds testimony to the fact that these mobilities have also altered the lives of people in different regions. Universities have played pivotal role in the movement of people across borders and the resultant transformation of societies due to transcultural interactions. In this book, the editors have brought together ideas on the changing dynamics of these mobilities of scholars and interconnectedness of higher education institutions in today’s world. Attempt is also made to record the implications of these international collaborations in knowledge generation and dissemination of the educational ecology.

H Vinod Bhat
Dr H Vinod Bhat is presently the Vice Chancellor of Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE), Manipal. He is by profession a medical doctor with a specialization in Community Medicine. His commendable work in building a hospital in the rural area of Karkala with the support of international organizations made him believe in the value of internationalization. Later, he took leadership roles in the University taking charge as the first Registrar - International Programs and later as a Pro Vice Chancellor. As a Vice Chancellor, today he has set the vision of making the MAHE truly global in its very essence.

Neeta Inamdar
Dr Neeta Inamdar is professor and Head of Manipal Centre for European Studies (MCES) at MAHE. She holds the prestigious Jean Monnet Chair in Economic Integration and European Identity and has the credit of being a part of almost all European programs - Erasmus+, Jean Monnet, Horizon 2020. In 2015, she led a Jean Monnet project in Internationalization of higher education and Bologna process; this book is a part of the project, and is partially funded by the European Union. Under her leadership MCES was awarded the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence in India-EU Interdisciplinary Studies in 2018.


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