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Chandrasekhara Kambara, Katyayini Kunjibettu

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ISBN 978-9382460657
Type Printed
Pages 128
Category Translations, General Interest Books, Kannada Books, All Books, Printed Book
Publisher MUP Book

Mahāmmāyi is the story of the legend of Shatavithaayi - the Goddess of death, and her adopted son Sambhashiva. Out of affection for her son, Goddess Shatavithaayi blesses him with the "power of life". The blessing was that death will evade the people who are treated by Sambashiva. But a certain condition set by Shatavithaayi forbade him from healing every ill man. The condition was that, if Shatavithaayi stood on the right side of the patient, Sambhashiva could treat that person and he would live; but, if she stood on the left side of the patient, he should not treat that person as his death was inevitable. Through a distinct method of story-telling, the story follows the life of Sambhashiva as he begins to question the ideas of fate and destiny. Thus, the conflict between fate and human efforts to change that fate is vividly described in this play.


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